-    The athlete's number must always be sewn to the outside of his or her jeans and shirt. The number must also always be visible and unobscured.
-    For participants 7 years of age and older. A minimum of one (01) adult guardian must be above the age of 18 while accompanying children ages 7 to 12. Participants between the ages of 13 and 16 must be accompanied by a guardian or present written permission from a parent or legal guardian.
-    When arriving to pick up their number, participants must print the disclaimer, fill it out completely, sign it, and then submit it to the organizer.
-    Must rigorously abide by Vietnamese law's prohibitions against damaging public property while competing, and they must take responsibility for any resulting harm.
-    Run along the path that has been marked; if you veer off course, you must backtrack in order to proceed; you are not permitted to use a different path or a shortcut.
-    Must follow the organizer and the arbitration team's instructions. An athlete will be required to quit competing if the event's administrators and medical professionals notice any symptoms that indicate they are not in good enough health to compete.
-    The organizer may refuse or revoke an athlete's right to participate if it is determined that their presence or participation will: 
+ Pose a threat to the health and safety of the athlete and others; 
+ Pose a risk to the environment; 
+ May constitute a criminal act from the organizers' point of view; 
+ May result in problems due to alcohol use; 
+ May result in health issues.
-    If there are events outside of the organizer's control, such as a natural disaster, flood, lightning, war, terrorism, attack, the server losing the participant's registration information, etc., the organizer may cancel the program; The program may be changed or cancelled at any time, and the organizers will give participants as much advance notice as possible.
-    The Organizer is permitted to use participant information for promotional purposes without seeking consent in advance or incurring costs. This includes using an email system to tell participants of upcoming events that they may find interesting..
-    By deciding to take part in the program, the participant accepts responsibility for any recordings, sound effects, photos, or videos they may make during the program or while participating in any of its components. The program may only be used for personal use; no commercial or advertising endeavors are permitted.
-    During the course of the program, the Organizer reserves the right to add, remove, or amend all of the content of this clause without prior notification. The tournament website will be updated when the program rules change. 
-    The organizer will not be liable for any damages for loss of life, bodily injury, or any other damages required by law.
-    Parking is strictly prohibited outside of the organizers' designated areas for athletes and spectators.
-    Athletes are responsible for looking after their own personal belongings and valuables; the organizers are not liable for any loss.
-    The Organizer reserves the right to make the final decision in all cases.
-    In any case of violation, the organizers will consider giving a reasonable penalty in terms of time or stripping the right to compete, canceling all the results of the violator's competition.
-    Only athletes directly participating in the competition can make a complaint. Complaints must be submitted in writing with specific evidence (if any) to the organizers within 30 minutes after the official results are announced.
(Male/ Female)
1ST 1.500.000 dong
2ND 1.000.000 dong
3RD 500.000 dong
Distance: 5KM
Ticket Price (20/10/2022 – 15/11/2022): 100.000 dong

1. Changes to basic information are free of charge in the event that inaccurate personal information was provided during registration (shirt size, email, date of birth, blood type).

2. Bib transfer fee – this race cannot transfer BIB

3. Deadline for change information
Limited to one (01) change per registration.